An Application is a concept which is used as the base resource against which Groups and Users are checked against. No Group or User may exist without a direct connection to an Application. An Application typically is comprised of an id, a name, and a description but may also contain Custom Data. When a User authenticates against the API the credentials are checked against the specified Application. Even if a username and password happen to be correct, if a User is not associated with the application specified in the authentication request, the request will fail.

The base Application inside the API is the “eContext Auth” Application which must be used in order to access the API.


A Group provides associations and Custom Data inside an Application. A particular group may belong to a single Application and may be associated with many Users.


A User is an account which may be used to authenticate against the API. A user may be associated with many Applications and many Groups. An authentication call against the API must include the specific Application which a client is seeking access to.

Custom Data

Custom Data is an additional JSON object field which is available in each of the above objects and can be used to store additional information about a User, Group, or Application.